The CITB Courses People Forget About

The Construction Industry Training Board are a bit like Ronseal. They do exactly what it says on the tin. They offer training across all areas of the construction industry. From environmental management to temporary works they have an extremely comprehensive catalogue.

Of course, this can mean it gets a bit confusing when you’re looking for a course. The We Do Training course search tool can, naturally, make your search a lot simpler by allowing you to narrow down your options to what CITB courses are available in your area, or how far you’ll have to travel if you can’t find it locally. You can even see if you’ll be served lunch.

So, we thought we’d have a look at some of the less well-known courses that CITB offer to give you an idea of just how varied their training programme is.

Achieving Behavioural Change (ABC)

This is the course for you if you need to implement new methods in order to meet environmental regulations (or simply to move your organisation towards a more environmentally aware and sustainable business model).

Directors Role for Health and Safety (DRHS)

Health and Safety is not just for those wearing the hard hats. A safety culture needs to permeate the whole organisation in order to be successful and this course will help you to understand the role senior management play in leading by example.

Temporary Works

Despite their transient nature temporary works are an exceeding important part of construction. Without scaffolding, crane pilings, props, shorings and similar there can be no construction! Management and supervision of temporary works requires as much care as the permanent structures they facilitate and these courses as a whole cover all aspects of temporary works and lead to a Site Safety Plus certification.

Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course (TWCTC)

Ensuring that the correct temporary works are in place at the right time can require liaising with several different contractors. This course looks at the role of the coordinator and how they can improve safety around temporary works. It also looks at regulation of temporary works including BS5975 and creating risk assessments.

Temporary Works Supervisor Training Course (TWSTC)

For those who have some experience in temporary works supervision but want to build on that foundation the TWSTC will prepare you for your next role as a temporary works supervisor.

So, there you have it – some oft-forgotten courses you may get real benefit from. Are any of them on your to-do list now?