The Construction Industry Training Board are a bit like Ronseal. They do exactly what it says on the tin. They offer training across all areas of the construction industry. From environmental management to temporary works they have an extremely comprehensive catalogue.

The academic life is not for everyone. Whilst some learn best in a classroom with books and computers, others learn best through trial and error, practice and perfection. Apprenticeships and on-the-job training have long been recognised as a great way to learn construction skills. But whilst being able to do a job is great you still need to be able to show that you can do the job and obtaining a qualification is the most sure-fire way of doing so.

CSCS Green labourers card

What courses do I need to get my Green Labourer's Card

A short answer does exist. Two of the most common routes to the question we get asked the most are explained...

As you move up the chain of command and distance yourself from the people working on the building site, factory floor or in your warehouses, it can become easy to rely on those closer to the action when it comes to health and safety.

After all, if you have a health and safety officer isn't it their sole responsibility to ensure the health and safety of everyone?