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Are you searching for a trusted provider of SMSTS courses in London? If the answer is yes,
then you’ve come to the ideal place; welcome to We Do Training. We specialise in workplace
and construction-related training courses, delivering courses all over the United Kingdom. Our
courses are accredited by the CITB, IOSH and NEBOSH, so you will always be taking a
recognised training course when you come to We Do Training.

Beginning at the start of April, Global Asbestos Awareness Week (1st to 7th April) is committed to increasing awareness of the dangers of asbestos and preventing exposure to this carcinogenic substance.


We’ve all probably heard enough about COVID-19 in recent months and the terrible effects that it can inflict upon your general wellbeing but particularly, as a respiratory disease, its only too clear what awful damage can be done by this virus.

19 July 2021

Sound the ALARM…. The UK is returning to normality! Hooray!

It’s great news to hear the Government are going to remove most, if not all, restrictions on the 19th July. However, regardless of how you feel about that personally, that means we have to get our ‘game face’ on! No-one wants to be the site manager or director responsible for an accident, a life changing incident or a potential fatality wherever you work.
So, whilst we are all happy that life is going back to normal, we must remember that the construction business is a dangerous place! Yes, we know, we’re party-poopers!
But consider the following:

Safe Drinking Water Sign

Don’t drink the water…?

With the gentle return of employees to offices large and small now on the horizon following COVID shutdowns, a question that the HSE are asking is “What’s in the water?”

Blended Learning

What is your ‘blend’…?

Before we start, I’m not talking about coffee here! Not yet anyway…
Blended learning is a concept which many of us probably haven’t encountered before, but might just be the best of both worlds. Let me explain….

Online learning laptop

For many people, the need for keeping up to date in a continually changing and improving technical industry was already hard, and that was before COVID-19 struck! Now with restrictions on face-to-face interactions in all aspects of life and with much of the necessary industry training being traditionally undertaken in a classroom, what are the alternatives, and do they work for everyone?

If COVID19 hasn’t given us all enough issues to deal with already, the CITB recently announced that their grace period, for delegates whose SMSTS/SSSTS qualifications had expired after March 30th 2020, will end on the 31st January 2021!

Unfortunately, anyone expecting or perhaps hoping for another extension will be disappointed as the CITB have confirmed that there will be no additional time added, after the 31st January deadline.