Why do your prices differ for the same course?
The course content is the same, but the venue and dates are different. Where it is and when it is afects the cost of the venue hire. Also, if we are using a training partner, these have different rates too. What we can guarantee is that you cannot find the same course (at the same venue and the same date) for less. We have an agreement that our training partners cannot sell for less even if you book directly.
What is blended learning?
Blended learning is a mix of online tuition, maybe some Zoom (or similar) learning and classrom based sessions. Most often it is learning through some bookwork at home, before attending a venue. See our blog article Blended Learning for more information.
What is meant by the different course formats (Block, Day Release and Split)?
Block courses run consecutively with no gaps in between days. Day Release is where a course is split across several weeks (EG a 5 day course may be every Monday for 5 weeks). Split is wehere it is split into two or more blocks. This applies mainly to longer courses such as NEBOSH, where each week may start on different dates.