What is IPAF - A Quick Introduction

IPAF stands for The International Powered Access Federation, and this non-profit organisation represents those who work with, manufacture, rent or lease powered access equipment. IPAF promotes the safe use of such equipment as well as promoting and providing high quality training for all those who work with or make powered access equipment.

The term ‘powered access’ refers to personal lifting equipment which is powered by hydraulics or a motor, unlike ladders or powered lifting equipment for goods such as cranes or forklifts. This type of equipment includes cherry pickers and lifting platforms. IPAF training courses are a vital part of training to use this type of equipment and IPAF are industry leaders in providing training and information on the best practice when it comes to working with powered access vehicles.

If your company manufactures, rents or leases powered access equipment then you have a responsibility to make sure that you and those who work with this equipment are properly trained before using the equipment. IPAF have created excellent training courses to help protect the health and safety of those who work with powered access equipment. Workers who have attended and passed an IPAF course will be in possession of an IPAF card or IPAF ticket to prove they have received the correct information and training on how best to use this equipment.

Manufacturers who have also been trained by IPAF will be in possession of an IPAF licence in order to be able to show to their customers that the equipment they have produced is safe to use. IPAF support an industry standard training scheme, which they have helped to produce, which should ensure the safety of everyone who works on powered access equipment. IPAF training for manufacturers supports the IPAF training courses workers receive.

If you are still wondering what IPAF is then you can visit their website for more information but anyone who works with or produces powered access equipment should familiarise themselves with the training and information that IPAF produce. Working at height can be dangerous, and when you combine that with the machinery element of powered access equipment; the correct information and training is essential to ensure the health and safety of all involved.

Qualifying for an IPAF certificate is the best industry recognised way to show that you can work safely with or reliably produce powered access equipment.