The Value of a NEBOSH Qualification

NEBOSH is a well-known organisation in the Health and Safety and Construction trades. The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health have just celebrated awarding their 175,000th General Certificate, which is a qualification that is much desired by employers.

Recently, WeDoTraining carried out some research around the types of jobs currently being advertised that require a NEBOSH Certificate as one of the essential criteria for applicants. We found on the popular jobs website that there were an average of 5,000 vacancies each month that mention the NEBOSH Certificate, with salary brackets starting from £20k + to £100k +. So it's clear that the NEBOSH Certificate is valuable at all stages of a career, not just the beginning.

Cost versus savings for employers

The NEBOSH General Certificate falls into the low-range cost for training courses in terms of purchasing a place on the course but also people-hours involved, and the certificate doesn't expire at all. The course is 10 days of training, with a practical examination at the end. The whole programme costs £995.

Given that the knowledge the course provides ensures that delegates are compliant with health and safety laws, the cost of the course is insignificant when compared with the cost of legal advice and even court fees if a company was found to be negligent.

We could also compare the ability to sleep soundly at night knowing that staff were compliant, well-trained and responsible without constant supervision. The general certificate is a great foundation for risk assessment and preventing accidents at work, and therefore protecting your business against the risk of personal injury claims for staff and sickness absence due to injuries at work.

Cost versus rewards for employees

As mentioned above, holding a NEBOSH Certificate is a desirable attribute for employers and there appears to be plenty of work available across the country. And of course the salary spread isn't too bad either, if one is able to complement the NEBOSH knowledge with other work experience and skill. Jobs with salaries of £100k+ attached to them are more than likely Director roles; perhaps Operations Director or Head of Facilities. Other skills that are desirable for Senior NEBOSH related roles are budget management, people management, procurement, auditing, and project management to name a few.

Holding a NEBOSH Certificate could also open up options for flexible working as a Self-Employed health and safety consultant to small businesses. Many start-up businesses aren't aware of their obligations and when warned about the penalties and risks of breaking the law are usually more than happy to take advice from an expert. Self-employed roles normally start small but really have no limit to potential earnings from growing a client base and leveraging a team of similarly self-employed consultants.

So there seems little reason not to invest in a short NEBOSH training course for anyone who is serious about a long term career in Health and Safety, as it certainly goes a long way towards saving money, earning money and even saving lives.

You can book on to the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety course today.