The real value of IOSH Certification

With so many different options for training and personal development, and undoubtedly some less than professional "training" websites and resources out there, finding the right certification to lead to certain career progression can be a minefield.

With "learn online" and "learn from home" online courses popping up in abundance, it can be hard to spot valuable, traditional training opportunities and take them seriously. But this shouldn't be a barrier to learning; some background research and some understanding of facts should be enough to help learners make the right decision when purchasing training.

What is IOSH?

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, which has been established since 1962. IOSH is the only chartered body for health and safety qualifications within the global marketplace. Around 150,000 professionals train with IOSH each year, and course content adheres to government acts such as the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the management of Health and Safety at work regulations 1999.

The IOSH are very active at supporting the UK community of Health and Safety professionals, and have a great forum for discussing latest industry news and sharing advice.

By choosing a training course from the IOSH, delegates can guarantee that the information that they are being given is legally correct.

What courses are available from IOSH?

IOSH courses span from entry level to Director Level, with the IOSH Managing Safely Courses being one of the most common courses being taken up by both employed and self-employed individuals. The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health also provide a range of valuable books and resources for advice to start-ups and existing businesses, including some free guides and a bi-annual journal publication.

What do IOSH courses cost, and what are they worth?

Course costs can vary from different providers, however the lower cost courses start at just £395+vat for 4 days of training. At less than £100 per day for a professional course, the training is very affordable. At the end of the course, upon successful completion of assessment, a globally recognised IOSH certificate is awarded.

Having a globally recognised certificate is extremely valuable for any contractors who are regularly in a position of having to find work, as it speaks for itself that an individual in receipt of such a certificate is well trained and advised.

Career progression from IOSH training

Career progression via IOSH courses is a linear path; it's easy for trainees to move from Working Safely, to Managing Safely, to Directing Safely certification when they are ready to, as each course follows on from the other.

What's more, IOSH training isn't prescriptive to one area of expertise; the certification is general and can cover any trade or responsibility, so does not limit graduates to working in a purely Health and Safety role. It can be part of a wider management training scheme in any industry.

Most Project Management roles that involve construction will need someone who is certified in Health and Safety management. Other roles that include the need for such knowledge are: Head of Facilities, Risk Manager, Site Manager, Transport Manager, Technical Trainer and Business Development Consultant. All of these roles come with an above average salary in the range of £35 - £100k, so it is fair to say that an investment of under £400 for a course is well worth the reward.

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