November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month


We’ve all probably heard enough about COVID-19 in recent months and the terrible effects that it can inflict upon your general wellbeing but particularly, as a respiratory disease, its only too clear what awful damage can be done by this virus.

However, sadly, this is only one of many respiratory diseases that can be contracted and its important to remember that some of these are avoidable with the right training. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and it is perhaps a sobering thought that whilst COVID dominates news reports currently, cancer will affect one in two of us, during our lifetimes.

Many of the causes of Lung Cancer are entirely avoidable and as construction professionals, you may well consider yourself well informed, but we can always do with a reminder, right? So, why not brush up on that knowledge with We Do Training to minimise your exposure?

With courses approved by UKATA, CITB and many other expert agencies, knowledge is definitely ‘power’!

Asbestos, dust and other airborne pollutants are just a few of the obvious ‘nasties’ that we need to keep to a close eye on, so if you have a persistent cough for more than two weeks, frequent chest infections or persistent tiredness, get yourself checked out!

The NHS website can help, and the information you can rely on is here:

Other fabulous organisations who can offer help and advice are:


British Lung Foundation

Stay safe, stay well….. and stay aware!