NEBOSH General & NEBOSH Construction Certificate - Course Outlines

A flow chart showing the routes to complete the modules of the NEBOSH syllabus

As one of the constructions industry’s most accepted health and safety qualifications the NEBOSH Construction Certificate is primarily aimed at a target audience of managers, supervisors and CDM co-ordinators, or anyone who is has a responsibility to safety for construction activities that are undertake under their direction. The course is made up of several individual units, outlined in the syllabus below. This should give any delegate wishing to undertake the training an indication of what is involved.

NEBOSH General Certificate

This is one of the most accepted health and safety qualifications in the UK for managers, supervisors, and any employee requiring a knowledge of general health and safety issues. This certification is appropriate for persons working in almost any industry and can be used as a stepping stone to further study. NEBOSH General Certification covers the main requirements of Health and Safety in the UK, identification and control of hazards in the workplace and the practical application of this knowledge.

The duration of the course is one week (Monday to Friday) with the exam taking place the following Monday.

The course Syllabus comprises the following units:

  • Foundations in health and safety
  • Health and safety management systems in relation to the following:
    • Policy
    • Organising
    • Assessments and controls
    • Monitoring, investigation and recording
    • Audit and review
  • Health and safety management systems in relation to the following:
  • Hazards and control in the following areas:
    • Workplace
    • Transport
    • Musculoskeletal
    • Work Equipment
    • Electrical
    • Fire
    • Chemical and biological
    • Physical and psychological health

NEBOSH Construction Certificate

One of the most accepted qualifications in the construction industry for Health and Safety. The NEBOSH Construction Certificate it primarily designed for managers, supervisors, CDM co-ordinators or any individual who has a responsibility for seeing that constructions activities are dealt with safely under their control.

This certificate is also suitable for any managers or supervisors who are not directly involved in construction but are required to supervise the construction of temporary workplaces and structures safely.

The duration of the course is two weeks (Monday to Friday) with the examination taking place on the final day.

The syllabus covers:

  • Assessing construction site workplace hazards and developing proper control measures
  • Developing a supporting knowledge of health and safety legislation in construction, and its bearing on your site/project
  • Assisting the safety management programme of your company
  • Understanding the main applications and requirements of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007
  • Understanding which factors to consider when completing an assessment of a construction site; identifying any construction activity hazards, assessing the risks and recommending control measures
  • Successfully being able to carry out safety inspections of a construction site/workplace to identify hazards, recommend control measures and being able to prepare management reports
  • Developing a basis for a career in occupational health and safety in the future
  • Identifying hazards and outlining appropriate control measures within a number of areas:
    1. Movement of people and vehicles
    2. Mechanical and manual handling
    3. Work equipment
    4. Electrical
    5. Chemical and biological
    6. Physical and psychological
    7. Working at heights
    8. Excavation work
    9. Working in confined spaces
    10. Demolition

NEBOSH Construction Benefits

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate meets the academic requirements needed to apply for:

- Technician membership (Tech IOSH) of IOSH (the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)


- Associate membership (AIIRSM) of IIRSM (the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management)

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