I Don't Have Time For Health & Safety Training, Do I?

We have plenty of options for busy labourers, supervisors and managers who need to find a local training course that fits their hectic schedule. Read on to find out more.

As we have discussed previously, SMSTS courses and SSSTS courses are classroom based health and safety qualifications aimed at managers and supervisors working in a construction setting.

We also explored the benefits of classroom teaching: you can learn at the same time as others (less dull than watching recordings at home), you get instant feedback from the tutor and you have a fixed time to get all the studying, learning and assessment finished.

But let’s face it, not everyone has the benefit of time off to go and study for a new qualification. For instance, the SMSTS course is covered over five days. That’s five days of holiday or unpaid leave in one month. That could add significant time onto a project too.

While the SMSTS qualification (5 days) is a great opportunity to advance your career with a sought-after managerial certificate and the SSSTS course (2 days) is perfect for site supervisors to learn the latest health and safety legislation and best practices, justifying the time off site can be problematic.

The good news is there are other options you may want to consider:

SMSTS Day Release Courses

The 5 day SMSTS course is often covered over a period of five continuous days (usually Monday - Friday) but did you know that we offer SMSTS courses one day a week over five Saturdays?

This also means you have time to digest the course material over a longer duration instead of feeling overwhelmed: helpful if you find sitting down in a classroom taxing.

Additionally, your site project needn’t be delayed unnecessarily because you are only absent for one day each week instead of the entire week.

SSSTS Weekend Courses

SSSTS courses only require two day's classroom learning and are aimed at site supervisors or those who wish to progress to a supervision role.

What is great about this qualification is that the teaching hours can be covered in a weekend.

We offer SSSTS weekend courses across the country so you don’t have to take time out of work or lose pay.

SMSTS Weekend Courses

There's even the option to attend an SMSTS weekend course across five Saturdays over five weeks.

Weekend Health & Safety Awareness Training Courses

There are also plenty of weekend Health and Safety Awareness courses to choose from, if it's your CSCS Green Card you're after.

The course is only one day long so perfect for a day's classroom training on a Saturday with absolutly no need to even consider taking any time of work and without disrupting your entire weekend either.

There are lots of training options when it comes to health and safety for construction sites. Ultimately, health and safety knowledge is an essential component of your job as a site manager, supervisor or labourer.

We Do Training can help you find a course that fits in with other aspects of your work and home life. To see what training we have available, check out our health and safety course finder. You are bound to come across something that suits you, and if not, give us a call so we can assist you further.