Have You Considered A Private Course Run In-House for You and Your Employees?

Training can be a nightmare to arrange. First you have to decide what courses are required, then you have to match courses to times that are convenient for the people who need to be on them. And that's before you've thought about the expenses claims for accommodation or travel.

Turn the problem around

Instead of trying to arrange for 6 or more staff members to attend training courses why not investigate hiring a trainer to come to your site and deliver the required training in-house. Of course, you could look at running the course with fewer delegates but 6 is probably the number that will make it financially viable – and of course the more personnel you have that need a particular course the cheaper per head it will be.

For management level courses you won't be left with the nightmare of co-ordinating diaries, course times and accommodation availability. You won't need to book accommodation or travel at all which is not only more attractive to your employees but also places less of a burden on the training budget.

We Do Training can arrange for a tutor to come to your workplace, or if there is no suitable venue we can provide the training in a conference centre nearby. And of course, as you've arranged the training, you can be certain that the course will actually take place – no more "Sorry but there was not enough interest" emails at the last minute.

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You can be sure that your employees will be getting a high quality of tuition by running your own courses as the tutor will be able to devote 100% of their time to your staff. In some cases, they can even tailor the course to your circumstances (useful if there are particular issues you want your workers to be made aware of) and fit in precisely with normal working hours – whatever they may be.

Get off to a good start

Sending new starters on an in-house training programme is a great way to ensure that they get to know each other and start gelling as a team. It also means you can be sure all your new people have covered precisely the same material so there are no excuses!

So why not ask us for a quote for your next training course today?