First Aid Courses Can Save Lives at the Workplace

When an emergency arises, having first aid knowledge can make a lot of difference and, in extreme cases, even save lives. Learning how to deal with an emergency is not difficult thanks to the availability of many First Aid Courses in Kent and all the other counties and cities of the UK.

In the UK, every employer needs to have adequate first aid in case an incident or emergency occurs. When an accident happens, the first four minutes are crucial and can mean the difference between life and death if it is serious. First aid training is paramount to ensure that incidents are dealt in a timely manner and appropriately.

The law – What are the requirements in workplaces?

All workplaces must have a level of first aid care, no matter how many people are working on the premises.

When working in a low-risk environment, for example a small office, there must be a first aid box and a person in charge of the first aid arrangements. These arrangements can include calling the emergency services if needed. All employees must be aware of the first aid arrangements and it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure everyone knows what to do or who to call in case something happens.

When workplaces have more significant health and safety risks, there will be the need for a trained first aider, in other words, a person who has taken a first aid course. Kent and all the other counties in the UK offer a wide variety of training courses and providers to choose from.

It is important to note that although there is no legal duty on employers according to the Regulations, to have first aid provision in place for people who are not employees, such as children in schools or members of the public, HSE strongly recommends to include non-employees when carrying out the assessment of first aid needs in order to make provisions for them.

How do employers assess their first aid training needs?

When you are an employer, you need to have in mind that the first aid provision must be appropriate and adequate for the circumstances and provide the right first aid equipment, staff and facilities at all times.

Employers need to assess what their first aid needs are, taking into account the circumstances of the work environment, the risks and hazards and the workforce. Once this is done employers can decide which first aid arrangement is most suitable for them and provide the employees with the first aid training, in Kent or other UK locations that may be needed.

The assessment should consider:

  • The risks and hazards that the workplace has
  • The nature of the work
  • If the staff works in shifts
  • The size and nature of the workforce
  • The company’s history of accidents
  • Any holidays or days off work that the first aiders will take

Having the right level of first aid provisions at the workplace is crucial, and a legal requirement too. That is why it is so important to provide the designated staff with the adequate first aid training in Kent or anywhere to play this important role in case of an incident, accident or emergency.