Digger, Dumper, Loader, Roller: An Introduction to CPCS Training

If you are hoping to work on any construction site operating heavy machinery such as diggers, dumpers, loaders and rollers, then you will be required to show that you are in possession of a CPCS card. You will not be able to work with this machinery unless you can show you have attended CPCS training and qualified, if you are allowed to work without one then this is a construction site you do not want to work on.

CPCS stands for Construction Plant Competence Scheme and CPCS courses teach you the safest ways to operate heavy machinery; specifically, dumpers, loaders, rollers and diggers. While you may not think it too difficult to drive or operate these types of construction equipment, not being trained in the correct manner can have disastrous consequences should there be an accident. Roller driver training and dumper truck training teaches you how to handle these massive pieces of equipment in a safe manner so reduce the chances of an accident occurring. Full attendance and passing of these courses will mean you leave with either your digger licence, dumper licence or loader licence. Having these licenses in your possession will help you to gain employment on a variety of construction sites.

Once you have your CPCS card, you will be required to attend CPCS renewal courses every 5 years. This practice ensures that you are kept up-to-date with best practice when it comes to heavy construction machinery and also helps CPCS keep track of those who have a good safety record. It is important that you always operate your machinery in accordance with your CPCS training, no matter how long you have held your CPCS card. Such large appliances are capable of causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and causing catastrophic injuries if not used and driven correctly.

Not only is it the worker's responsibility to gain a CPCS card, any employer or manager of a construction site also has a responsibility to ensure that all the workers he or she is responsible for carry a CPCS or CSCS card. As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all of your workers. By allowing someone to work with heavy machinery who does not hold a licence or have the appropriate training, if there is an accident, you will be culpable and liable for any compensation. Ensuring your dumper, roller, loader and digger drivers have a CPCS card and training is essential.