What is SMSTS and why do we need it

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is an educational course designed for construction industry managers who are responsible for the safety of their workforce and the public. The aim is to make the building site a better and safer place for both the worker and the public.

The SMSTS has been specifically designed for managers within the construction industry who have the duty to manage and supervise a workforce. The qualification is easily accessible and there is no requirement that you are an experienced manager to pursue it. The SMSTS course has been designed for both experienced and inexperienced managers but both will experience the benefits from obtaining the qualification. Throughout the construction industry, the qualification shows that you have the knowledge and understanding of health and safety and that leads to a safer working environment. Another major benefit is that it can also improve your prospects when it comes to furthering your career.

The SMSTS course is commonly held over a five-day period. The subjects covered on the course are varied and set out, as both group and individual exercises and you will be asked to carry out presentations and case studies. The course consists of a wide range of interesting subjects ensuring that all aspects of health and safety are covered. This includes health and safety methods, demolition, scaffolding, excavations, risk assessment and design management.

Site Management Safety Training Scheme

The legal requirements within the construction industry have grown enormously over the last decade. Construction site managers and supervisors now have a legal responsibility to their fellow construction colleagues and the public. It is not just the legalities and regulations of construction that they have to adhere to. There is also a moral duty to do everything possible to prevent accidents and injuries while on the building site. Due to these new responsibilities it is imperative that on-going training put in place and completed. Training is no longer the luxury it used to be which means that it is now a necessity and a requirement to train everyone to the construction industries standard. Therefore, by attending an SMSTS course you can prove you comply with the laws and regulations as you have been prepared and trained to operate a safe building site at all times.

Once you have completed The Site Management Safety Training Scheme and you are certified as a competent site manager you will be able to go about your everyday duties knowing your responsibilities with confidence. This will also lead to you having a greater respect from colleagues based around the decisions that you make and that leads to increased trust. However, after five years you will be required to return for a two-day SMSTS refresher course. This is to ensure you are up to date with the ever-changing construction industries legislation.

Obtaining your Site Management Safety Training Scheme certificate and through attending the refresher course when required, will enable you to display your ability to comply with all construction site legalities and regulations. This effectively means that you are continuing to protect your fellow site workers as well as the public.