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Training venue in Bristol city centre.

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We Do Training (Alfreton Road, Derby)

Total Hire & Sales Training Centre, Alfreton Road, Derby, Derbyshire, DE24 8EL


Just 20 minutes drive from the M1, junction 25 (follow A52 towards Derby).

Location right in the heart of Bristol city centre, right next door to Bristol Temple Meads mainland railway station.

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Convenient access from Derby mainland railway station:


Plenty of FREE onsite parking.

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When organising training for workplace safety, it is essential that you pick the right training partners. This will allow you to make certain that any staff attending benefit fully from the course, acquiring all the skills and information that are necessary to allow your business to create a work environment that is both healthy and safe for all your employees.

We Do Training can help you with this. We are dedicated to delivering health and safety training to companies from many sectors in Derby. We believe in providing a quality and comprehensive level of health and safety training that will make sure that Health and Safety compliance is achieved, and that you will be able to maintain standards.

To achieve this, we offer a range of outstanding off-site training courses at our training centre in Derby. Our training centres offer us an environment that is ideally suited to delivering the very best level of training; with a warm an inviting atmosphere our fully equipped rooms offer a neutral environment which is perfect for learning.

Construction sites are notorious for presenting a work environment that can be hazardous to employees as they are faced daily with a variety of health and safety issues; working at heights, in confined spaces or even using heavy machinery and equipment. One of the key areas that we cover is SMSTS training in Derby. This is an indispensable training course aimed at construction site project managers, site managers and supervisors for whom adhering to health and safety practices on a construction site is a vital role - not just for their own safety but also the safety of any other on-site workers.

The Benefits of SSMTS Training in Derby

Through our SSSTS training, we offer construction site managers and site supervisors the chance to undertake a complete course of safety training that is designed for those people who undertake work on a construction site. The courses, which are short, have been put together with the aim of increasing awareness of the possible health and safety hazards associate with a construction site and to give staff access to the appropriate information to address these issues.

All our SMSTS training courses in Derby have been devised to offer a good understanding for recognising and assessing the risks and hazards, as well as all the relevant procedures necessary to apply the appropriate effective measures and procedures. Together this works to remove or decrease risks to construction employees and produce a workplace that is safer and healthier. Participants will take part in important SMSTS training that will look at all areas of construction site safety. This will include electricity, working at heights, fire safety, using heavy machinery and working in confined spaces which will allow them to prepare and steer their way through all the risks associated with working on a construction site. All whilst making it a safer and better working environment for all employees.

Why Choose Us for your Safety Training?

When it comes to SSSTS training, working out who and where to work with is an important decision and our Derby centre certainly has all the facilities you would expect.
On-site organised training can sometimes create work distractions which can be a deterrent to learning. Our off-site training centres offer you the opportunity to get away from business distractions and allow your employees to give the training their full attention in an environment that is both relaxed and constructive.

Our Derby venue has been specifically chosen for its ability to cater for training of any sized group; large or small, and we make sure that the process of arranging your SMSTS training is simple and straight forward. With free on-site parking, fully equipped training room with whiteboards and large screens our Derby training centre has all the facilities you need for a productive training session.

A Great Location for Safety Training

Training sessions in Derby are both accessible and convenient; our fantastic location is situated Just 20 minutes drive from the M1, junction 25 (follow A52 towards Derby) and is very easy to get to on public transport being just next door to the Temple Meads railway station.

We pride ourselves on the high level of customer services and training expertise that we offer, which makes certain that all attendees benefit from our training courses. Through these training courses which are very engaging and highly instructive, we deliver a level of learning that is highly beneficial, making us the perfect solution to your SSSTS training needs in Derby.

If you would like to know more about the SMSTS training courses that we run and our fantastic facilities in Derby, then contact us today and let us help you get your training underway.