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What extenuating circumstances are accepted by CITB for missing part of a Site Safety Plus course?

The Scheme Rules specified by CITB state that delegates attending one of their Site Safety Plus courses must attend all prescribed sessions in full, per the below list of required contact hours:

CITB CourseHoursDaysMin/Max DelegatesFull Course Name
SMSTS 37.5 5 4 / 20 Site Management Safety Training Scheme
SMSTS-R 15 2 4 / 20 Site Management Safety Training Scheme Refresher
SSSTS 15 2 4 / 20 Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme
SSSTS-R 7.5 1 4 / 20 Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme Refresher
DRHS 7.5 1 3 / 12 Director’s Role for Health and Safety
HSA 7.5 1 3 / 20 Health and Safety Awareness

If a session (or part of a session) is missed then the delegate must rebook and attend another course in full, which will almost always require the full payment of courses fees again.

This can be especially problematic for those attending a refresher course as it may take a delegate beyond the expiration of his or her certificate which will result in them having to attend (and pay for) the full course again. CITB no longer accept appeals for a delegate wishing to attend a refresher course after the expiry date of their certificate.

Accepted CITB extenuating circumstances

While there is no exhaustive list of extenuating circumstances that CITB will accept for missing part of one of their Site Safety Plus courses, they are pretty much limited to:

  • bereavement
  • certified illness.

CITB must first authorise a rebooking request where a session was missed due to extenuating circumstances.

If approved by CITB, the delegate may attend another course from the missed session onwards, as long as this is done within 90 days of the last day of attendance.

Reasons CITB will definitely not accept

Approval will NOT be granted for reasons such as:

  • workload
  • holiday
  • travel delays
  • getting lost.

Minimum CITB course attendees

Please also remember that training providers are governed by strict rules stipulated by CITB and one of these rules is minimum and maximum delegates per course.

If you fail to attend a scheduled session then you could be putting the whole course in jeopardy because the tutor will have no choice but to send everyone else home if this puts the number of attendees below the specified limit.