What is the CITB SMSTS Test Like?

These details are correct as of CITB's updated 2018 Site Safety Plus scheme rules.

Some quick facts about the SMSTS test:

  • The pass-rate is 80% (you must achieve 28 marks out of a possible 35).
  • There are 25 questions in total.
  • 20 questions have multiple-choice answers (worth 1 mark each).
  • 5 questions require a short written answer (worth between 1 and 3 marks each).
  • 5 of the 25 questions are 'safety critical'.
  • You must answer ALL 5 safety critical questions correctly to pass the test.
  • The test must be completed within 30 minutes.
  • You may refer to the supplied course publications during the final 10 minutes of the test.

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