IPAF Combined Static Boom and Mobile Vertical and Mobile Boom (1b/3a/3b) Training Course

IPAF 1b/3a/3b Training Course Overview

This course is for operators who need training in the safe use of static mounted boom, scissor lift and cherry picker mobile elevated work platforms.

Once completed you will have IPAF 1b, 3a, 3b on your PAL Card which will be valid for 5 years before you will need to complete the training again.

Combining multiple IPAF categories into one course is a very cost-effective and time-efficient way of gaining more than one IPAF category on your IPAF PAL Card. Gaining experience in the safe use of more than one MEWP type will make you more versatile and employable.

This course provides the opportunity to gain three IPAF categories in one go by combining the separate courses IPAF 1b Static Boom, IPAF 3a Mobile Vertical and IPAF 3b Mobile Boom into one day-long training session.