Medium Risk Confined Space Training Course

Medium Risk Confined Space Training Course

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Duration: 2 days
Type of Certificate: 3 years

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This course is specifically designed for those working in confined spaces where work has been assessed and classified as NC2 or NC3.

On completing this course, you will have gained a thorough understanding of the dangers associated with confined spaces, how to classify and risk assess a confined space and know how to ensure the necessary manning levels are adhered to. You'll also have an excellent knowledge of the different types of Escape Breathing Apparatus available and how to undertake the correct pre-entry checks and periodic examinations of this equipment, as well as gaining a thorough grounding in the emergency procedures when working in a confined space.

Who is it for?

Anyone working in medium risk confined spaces.

What you'll learn

This course covers all the key points of working in a medium- risk confined space, including:

• Current legislation
• How to recognise and classify a confined space
• Producing safe systems of work for entry into confined spaces
• Recognising diseases and understanding the necessary personal hygiene requirements associated with confined spaces
• Using gas detection equipment in hazardous atmospheres
• Using personal protective equipment (e.g. ropes, harnesses and man riding hoists)
• Using escape breathing apparatus


Accreditation & Certificates

Certification lasts three years.


2 days.


Price on arrangement.

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