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The Construction Industry Training Board have published a number of changes to their Site Safety Plus courses that they will be implementing from January 2018. Many of the changes are only relevant to training providers but we'd like to discuss some of the more important points for those booking onto these courses and those planning to run private in-house CITB courses.


As one of the constructions industry’s most accepted health and safety qualifications the NEBOSH Construction Certificate is primarily aimed at a target audience of managers, supervisors and CDM co-ordinators, or anyone who is has a responsibility to safety for construction activities that are undertake under their direction. The course is made up of several individual units, outlined in the syllabus below. This should give any delegate wishing to undertake the training an indication of what is involved.

The H&S Awareness course, also known as Site Safety Awareness course, is one of the most popular routes for anyone looking to take their first step towards obtaining a CSCS Labourers (Green) Card.

The one day course provides delegates with a basic awareness of health & safety, and how H&S affects their job role. It is most suitable for those who have entered, or are about to enter, the construction and civil engineering industry.

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CITB CSCS green labourer card

Courses are confusingly called different things by different people. In order to shed some light and avoid confusion please see below for some examples...

CITB CSCS green labourer card

About 80% of the UK construction industries and contractors require their workers to have a valid CSCS card. Every card is specific to the trade of an individual worker and has a computer chip on it, which stores information about the worker and can be checked on the site at any time.