Have you ever got chatting to someone and found you have lots in common? Perhaps you live in the same town, have the same job in construction management, support the same football team. And then they drop the bombshell.

They're doing training you want to do with a really local training provider you've never heard of. How did that happen? After all you must have spent hours trying different keyword combinations searching Google for a local SMSTS course.

Paying for an SMSTS course is an expensive outlay. Whether you are covering the cost yourself or getting sponsorship, you will understandably want to get the most out of your SMSTS training.

That is why people often contact us asking for an SMSTS mock test or some example SMSTS test questions to help them study, however CITB test revision questions do not exist.

We often receive requests from delegates wanting to book an SMSTS online course, however such a course does not exist.  You can't do an SMSTS course online because all CITB Site Safety Plus courses are classroom based, delivered face-to-face by CITB accredited training providers.

We discuss the benefits of classroom based courses compared to online courses, something that is especially important when dealing with a such an intensive course requiring at least 37.5 - 42 contact hours (depending on method of delivery) that's aimed at construction site managers.

You may be looking for a health and safety training course for yourself or for your staff, and with all the options out there, perhaps you are wondering why book from this site at all when you could order directly from the course provider?

Become a trained First Aider with a First Aid training course

Your boss has asked for volunteers for the next cohort of first aiders in your workplace. Are you thinking about putting your name down?

Deciding whether or not to opt for first aid training may raise doubts in your mind. Questions will surface such as "Why would anyone want to rely on me in an emergency situation?" or "What if I mess up or freeze during a catastrophe?".

Once you have worked out the training requirements of your organisation you will need to arrange for training to be provided. Some training can be provided on your own premises but a lot of training will require you to attend a training centre for assessment in order to issue a certificate.

Not all jobs need the same health and safety training so there are several health & safety qualifications available to cover the requirements of different roles. Two of the biggest health and safety exam providers are IOSH and NEBOSH.