Whats in the water?

Woman Pouring Water from Kettle

Don’t drink the water…?

With the gentle return of employees to offices large and small now on the horizon following COVID shutdowns, a question that the HSE are asking is “What’s in the water?”

As anyone who has undertaken the appropriate training will tell you, standing water in a system both hot and cold, that is then used after a period of inactivity has the potential for breeding a very unpleasant bacteria known as Legionella!
“So what” you may say, “I’ll give the tap a quick blast…. It’ll be fine!”

However, Legionnaires' disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia and everyone is susceptible to infection. By breathing in the aerosol particles that are created when the water is agitated, or it escapes during mechanical processing, means that you may well end up with a potentially nasty infection.

Still want that drink?
And don’t think that everyone will have considered this side effect of lockdown, as many companies will be focusing on screens, cleansing and personal hygiene first and foremost. So how do I keep these essential services, hygienic and appropriately safe?
We Do Training can give you access to an online Legionella Awareness course, that will give you the best practices and information that you will need to make a proper and safe evaluation of how to bring your water systems safely back to usable health. In some larger instances this may mean a full system decontamination and for others simply running all taps and outlets for prescribed periods and having filter changes on essential kit. Whichever way, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?
Book now, here on the site for the half day awareness course. More dates will be being added soon as we expect a high demand for this essential information.

Two sugars in my tea…. But once you’ve done the training though, yeah?