The UK is returning to normality! Hooray!

Freedom Day - 19 July 2021

Sound the ALARM…. The UK is returning to normality! Hooray!

It’s great news to hear the Government are going to remove most, if not all, restrictions on the 19th July. However, regardless of how you feel about that personally, that means we have to get our ‘game face’ on! No-one wants to be the site manager or director responsible for an accident, a life changing incident or a potential fatality wherever you work.
So, whilst we are all happy that life is going back to normal, we must remember that the construction business is a dangerous place! Yes, we know, we’re party-poopers!
But consider the following:

  • Fines in 2020, for Health and Safety breaches in our sector was nearly £24 million.
  • Fines are currently on average nearly 1.5 times higher than any compliance costs.
  • Nearly 39 million working days were lost to ill health and work-related injuries (2019-20).
  • Over 52% of prison sentences for H&S breaches were construction related.

Training not only makes you a safer employer, but it also shows that you care about the folks who work for and under you. Whether you use ‘subbies’ or a directly employed workforce, you need to make sure that any returning trades are safe and legal to carry out their work. Don’t be the victim of any of the above statistics; make your site safe and train, or requalify, your current team.

Its better to be safe, than sorry; right?!