Online Learning… what me?

Online learning books/laptop

For many people, the need for keeping up to date in a continually changing and improving technical industry was already hard, and that was before COVID-19 struck! Now with restrictions on face-to-face interactions in all aspects of life and with much of the necessary industry training being traditionally undertaken in a classroom, what are the alternatives, and do they work for everyone?

The construction industry employs millions of people in the UK, in both a direct and indirect capacity. That means that at any given time, the opportunity to undertake the training necessary to keep your ‘ticket’ and at a time to suit you, was probably tricky enough to find. Now…. well, let’s just say that organising to keep that qualification current isn’t always a ‘trades’ strongest suit!
So how do we make the most of some of this, perhaps enforced, spare time on our hands?
Online learning!
OK, I know a few of you will just have said to yourselves, that it isn’t for you! You don’t ‘do’ computers, and ‘tablets’, well they’re things the doctor gives you when you’re ill!
But hold on…..
In a time where pretty much everything is moving online, isn’t it time you gave it a try? It’s really not as bad as it sounds and with rumours of longstanding social restrictions possibly being out there for a long while yet, the CITB and other organisations simply can’t afford to keep on giving you a free pass in delaying dates for compliance; and they won’t!
Before too long, we will see many trades and employers struggling to find sufficient qualified personnel to work on projects due to the simple failure to adhere to qualification requirements for site. However, the training industry has already recognised this and has begun to create courses to suit all skill levels of IT usage. Yes, even you!
In all truth, the course hasn’t changed. It’s just where you do it that has….
Most of us can, perhaps with a bit of help, master a computer enough to get online. The online training we can provide is designed to make this as simple as possible. If you can find something with Google, you can do online training! It really is that easy…
So, what would you rather do? Sit there and watch your qualifications run out, potentially leading to no site work? Or sit in the comfort of your own home, in your tracksuit bottoms, in front of the computer for a bit, getting all you need to secure your future?
We Do Training is perfectly suited to finding you an online course that not only keeps your skills current and is easy to do, but might even help you to train to a brighter future and a better job in the industry!
With time running out for many qualifications and the opportunity of finding a classroom-based course locally to you, with space available, and in time to avoid the many industry deadlines, some candidates may well be faced with a serious and financially damaging dilemma.

Don’t lose out… get online and keep your ticket!
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