National Workplace Day of Remembrance - 12th December

National Workplace Day of Remembrance - 12th December

For many of us, going to work is simply something that we do to live. To pay the bills and, with some good fortune, a bit left over for some fun!

Sadly however, over the years, many people have left home for their workplace and never returned.
December 12th is designated as the National Workplace Day of Remembrance, when we can all take a minute at midday to remember those whose lives have been lost in the workplace.

The majority of those lost weren’t firefighters or police officers, rather they were very ordinary people doing normal work. We must never forget or become apathetic to the risk that we face day to day, and the construction industry knows only too well the cost of lazy Health and Safety practices.

In years gone by, construction was seen as one of the most dangerous professions but with advances in PPE, safety and skills training, regulations on working at height, the use of dangerous chemicals and air borne pollutants etc, the ‘site’ is now much safer than ever.

So, at midday on the 12th, why not take a minute to reflect on the losses of the past and perhaps even to ‘thank your lucky stars’ that the times we live in are much safer.

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Stay safe, stay well and stay trained!