SMSTS Online Course Myths & The Benefits of Classroom Learning

We often receive requests from delegates wanting to book an SMSTS online course, however such a course does not exist.  You can't do an SMSTS course online because all CITB Site Safety Plus courses are classroom based, delivered face-to-face by CITB accredited training providers.

We discuss the benefits of classroom based courses compared to online courses, something that is especially important when dealing with a such an intensive course requiring at least 37.5 - 42 contact hours (depending on method of delivery) that's aimed at construction site managers.

An SMSTS qualification is a prerequisite for people entering managerial positions on construction sites. If you are considering enrolling on a course that teaches you all about the most important health and safety legislation and applying it, then the industry standard is the CITB SMSTS course.

What is the CITB SMSTS Training course?

The SMSTS course, delivered by CITB accredited training providers, guarantees you a high quality industry-approved qualification.

Successful candidates will complete a group project throughout the course, which includes delivering a presentation to the rest of the class, as well as passing the end-of-course SMSTS test of 25 questions.

This course is classroom-based with no existing SMSTS online alternative. Classrooms consist of 4-20 students. Tutors are experienced construction site managers so they understand how the law directly affects the daily workplace.

The purpose of the course is to give site managers a foundation in all the health and safety laws and current practices applicable to construction work. Modules cover working at height, risk assessments, behavioural safety and electricity, among other subject areas.

Benefits of classroom taught SMSTS courses

While there are a variety of online alternatives that you might be tempted by for reasons such as ease of access and the option to work through the course at home, there is a compelling list of reasons why you should prioritise classroom-based learning over online courses:

Instant feedback
If you are doing something wrong or have misunderstood something, your tutor can correct you straight away. On an online course, you would most likely have to wait to hear back from your tutor via email. Likewise, if you have any questions about a topic and need some clarification, your tutor can answer them there and then.

Easier to assess
The assessment takes into account more skills than just written tests, such as 'toolbox talks' and a group presentation. This is helpful for people who don't always perform well in the traditional exam set-up.

Learning in small groups means you can not only benefit from the tutor's expertise but also from the interactions of your course mates. They will have questions you may never have thought of so you will gain different perspectives on health and safety matters that may come in useful. Besides, learning in classrooms creates a more sociable dynamic than learning alone, making it more fun.

You can't get away with missing something out or 'winging it' if something is too dull. You have to complete all areas of assessment. Having someone to give you a kick when you need it ensures you are covering all required aspects of health and safety.

Teaching to suit different learning styles
The SMSTS course content is in-depth and focuses on health and safety legislation affecting construction sites. Let's face it, it's not going to be exciting reading through the course material when you are at home being tempted by Netflix or Match of the Day.

A classroom environment provides focus and the tutor can break down the meaty texts that may not sink in on first reading alone. So if you are not someone who enjoys a good book, you will benefit from a different leaning style.

More intensive and contained within a few days
Studying online in your own time requires a lot more discipline than learning in a classroom. After a long day at work, the last thing people want to do is login to their learning portal and read health and safety slides.

Although you may have more time to get your qualification, wouldn't you rather have the course over and done with in a few days? With the CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme, you will have your SMSTS qualification after five days, meaning you can go back to enjoying your free time in peace.

Why study the CITB SMSTS course instead of an online alternative?

Full classroom teaching, plus a stringent assessment, ensures you adequately meet the standards for health and safety management on site. In addition, to keep your accreditation, you must take an SMSTS refresher course every five years to show your knowledge is up-to-date.

The CITB accreditation is accepted industry-wide, so this means that you can take it to your employer as evidence you're ready to move up the career ladder.

With CITB and their accompanying Site Safety Plus Scheme Rules, you can feel confident to lead a team working on a construction site. Why risk paying hundreds of pounds for a qualification that might be completely out-of-date and not accepted by anyone?