Blended Learning

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What is your ‘blend’…?

Before we start, I’m not talking about coffee here! Not yet anyway…
Blended learning is a concept which many of us probably haven’t encountered before, but might just be the best of both worlds. Let me explain….

If you’ve read our previous blog, entitled “Online Learning…what me?”, you may already be aware of the benefits of virtual or online training opportunities. So how is Blended Learning different?
Blended Learning takes the best of both training ‘worlds’ and combines them to give you a varied but structured training experience. You do some of the work online, or virtually, and then undertake some elements in a classroom environment.
For many, the mix is a really good way to pace yourself so that you can spend time during the day actually working, some days training online at home, and others in the standard classroom setting.
Depending on the course and its duration, some of the training materials can be accessed in a library format to be done when you’re free, perhaps in the evening or at a weekend, where others will require one day a week dedicated to online or classroom attendance.
The benefits of blended learning are many. Better time management opportunities, so you don’t spend most of a week or more training and not earning, and for others the chance to train in smaller more easily digestible ‘chunks’.
Like any training its about how much you put in, as to what the end result may be, but it’s nice to know you can sometimes order your training ‘your way’!
Why not find out what courses we can offer for your needs, that blended training can fulfil?
By the way, my blends a white Columbian coffee with two… if you’re buying?