4 Reasons to book an external training room for the day

Many growing businesses find themselves running out of space in the office faster than they ever would have thought. If you work in or own a growing business, you'll know exactly what we mean! Before you know it meeting rooms are used for desk space, and the microwave's balanced on top of the printer. When the office is feeling overcrowded, it's good to get out. Staff can get irritable when they're working on top of each other, and it's certainly no place to bring clients to. Lastly, it can be far too easy to neglect meeting and training sessions when you don't have the space for them; so what's the solution?

A change is as good as a rest

A change of scenery for the day makes all the difference to staff. Some employers plan fancy team building activities; asking staff to take part in things like rock climbing, canoeing or tower building. This might be fun and help forge relationships, but it's pricy and can feel too exclusive to staff that aren't overly active or confident. Plus... will learning to rock climb really help the paper work get done more efficiently?? A more sensible, and affordable solution is to book a training room offsite for the day, to deliver refresher training, to enjoy lunch together as a team and to up-skill staff with new training and coaching activities. Booking an external training room costs less than you think with some very comfortable facilities costing around £100 for an entire day.

Let Different Locations Learn Together

If your business is split across different locations, or your team are out on the road for the majority of the time and rarely see each other, then getting everyone together in the same room will help employees to re-group and re-focus.

Alternatively if you work closely with a third party supplier, or a partner business, you could treat your associates to a shared training session, inviting some of their employees along too. It's a great way to share ideas and get to know each other's businesses better, and to provide hospitality in a work environment. Or you could invest in a professional trainer for the day to carry out important sessions for new staff such as health and safety awareness training.

Open up a new revenue stream

If your business operates in a professional business services trade, your employees will most likely have a whole host of skill, knowledge and experience that could be very valuable to other businesses and individuals, and could be packaged into training days that delegates would pay handsome sums to attend. Book a room with a digital screen, and ask delegates to bring their own laptops, and you can train anything from graphic design to accounting effectively and professionally and earn at least £100 per head.

Pitch Professionally to a Board

If you're in start-up stage and still working from home, the garage, or budget shared office accommodation, you may not feel proud enough of your work space that you want to bring clients or potential clients in for a look around. Some meetings can be held over lunch or at the coffee shop, but what about those important pitches, that discuss confidential information and costs? These are best held away from public ears and eyes, so hiring out a professional room with presentation screens is a perfect way to pitch like a pro.

What are you waiting for? Call us today to get booked into our training room for just £100.