Working on Ladders

Bad ladder practice

Are You High and Dry, Or ‘On The Way Down’?
Finding a window cleaner is easy. However, selecting a window cleaning business which has been appropriately trained and features the essential qualifications and accreditations to supply a reliable, expert and secure service, may be harder.
Why is ladder training important?

Window cleaning, and working at height, can be very dangerous. Facilities managers and construction supervisors that oversee for example, window cleaning operations, need to realise and understand the dangers related to window cleaning, and other height related works, and make certain that the protection of operatives, employees, customers, and the general public is of paramount importance. These dangers consist of, but aren't restricted to, slips and trips from trailing hoses or equipment and operatives and items falling from cleaning operations at any time.

There is a potential criminal obligation too. Health and safety laws place the duty of safety compliance on both the window cleaning operative and the individual overseeing the window cleaning process at the client site.
Whilst cost is an important consideration, formal qualifications show that ladder operatives have had the proper training, and the appropriate company accreditations show that the window cleaning company itself has complied with, and hopefully exceeded, its legal requirements.
Working at height will always create of an element of risk. On average, 15 people die from falling off ladders in Britain every year, with up to 200 more being seriously injured and approximately 25% of all falling from height injuries arise from ladder works of some sort.

If you need to work at height, or from a ladder, completing a formal training program is a wise and appropriate way to minimise the inherent risks. It may also be worth consulting any liability insurer that you have in place, to see what requirements they have, that may be in the dreaded ‘small print’!

At We Do Training we provide access to Ladder Association approved training courses that will give your employees, direct or subcontract labour, the opportunity to learn the safest way to climb to the greatest heights! We also offer Working at Height Training, Scaffolding and IPAF platform courses for when ladders simply won’t do.

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