CITB announces “Time is Running Out!”

If COVID19 hasn’t given us all enough issues to deal with already, the CITB recently announced that their grace period, for delegates whose SMSTS/SSSTS qualifications had expired after March 30th 2020, will end on the 31st January 2021!

Unfortunately, anyone expecting or perhaps hoping for another extension will be disappointed as the CITB have confirmed that there will be no additional time added, after the 31st January deadline.

There is however slightly better news for those whose qualifications expired after the 1st October 2020. If so, you can now renew your ‘ticket’ up to and until the 31st April 2021, but again, expect no extension past that date or you will have to take a new ‘full course’ to regain your certification.

So, what can you do?

Well, the better news is that We Do Training currently has both online remote courses and some classroom courses available to help you beat the cut off date! Whether you need an SSSTS/SMSTS Refresher course, or are content to do the full course again, we can help.

The CITB and its registered training affiliates have recognised that many delegates still need the buzz of the classroom and where these courses are being offered, they are of course completely COVID19 secure. Be ready to wash those hands folks!

If you are happy to go online and learn from home, we have a large supply of accredited and friendly training providers ready to assist. If you’ve never tried online training it really is a safe and effective way to learn and you might surprise yourself with your own ‘web skills’!

Whichever route you need to go down, the team at We Do Training are there to help.
Don’t delay and call us today for any assistance you may need on 0330 223 2121.

We’re here to help.