5 ways SMSTS qualification can further your career

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme is necessary if you wish to fulfil your potential within your industry. The certificate is a standard for the construction industry and will show that you are professional and care about the way in which you work. 

Apply for a Site Foreman Position

As a site foreman, one of the requirements of the role is a SMSTS certificate. The certificate is required as proof that the site foreman is capable and trained to ensure safe working practices are adhered to at all times. It is the job of the foreman to ascertain who is going to carry out specific tasks while they are also expected to prioritise what tasks are to be carried out first. They must also liaise between his workforce and managers to report on progress. It is the foreman's task to ensure all new workers are aware of all new safety rules while  becoming a site foreman requires strong people skills and as well as the ability to manage effectively.

Become an Assistant Site Manager

The assistant manager is there to support the site manager and they are expected to be in possession of a SMSTS certificate. One of his main tasks is to report any health and safety issues to the site manager as well as all other relevant information relating to the role. The assistant manager plays a more hands-on role than the site manager does. They must work closely with the site foreman and will be expected to carry out physical work on site. This will enable them to be on site where they can then monitor the safety of the site.

Become a Site Manager

Should you want to become a site manager, you will have to hold a SMSTS certificate. If a potential site manager does not hold an SMSTS certificate, they are likely to fail in attempting to move into the role, highlighting the importance of the qualification. Site managers are invaluable due to the SMSTS certificate. They are there to run the day-to-day project requirements but to also to ensure that the workforce are carrying out the safe working practices he has instigated. His aim is to reduce construction accidents in order to negate potential legal action as a consequence

Gives You Credibility

As the holder of a SMSTS certificate, you will instantly put yourself in a great position. It will prove that you have the willing to improve working conditions for workers while taking care of company finances by reducing legal action due to accidents. This would make you appear to be professional in outlook as well as give you the respect to be able to demand that safe working standards are adhered to at all times.

Gives you Confidence to further your Career

To further your career, it takes confidence in your own ability as well as your knowledge. Having a SMSTS certificate will give you the right to be confident in the work you carry out as well as the working environment of your colleagues. It will enable you to look at better positions within the industry with confidence .The certificate shows that you are up to date with new building and health and safety legislation while also helping to raise the construction industries standards.