5 Benefits of an SMSTS Qualification

The SMSTS qualification is crucial to the safety of the working environment in a number of industries. Safety has to be considered at every level and having this qualification will make that possible.

Specially designed for Site Managers

If a construction worker has ambitions to become a site manager they will be giving themselves a better opportunity of succeeding by gaining a Site Manager Safety Training Scheme certificate. The SMSTS was devised to enhance health and safety but also to point site managers and potential site managers in the correct direction making it possible for them to realise their ambitions. The aim of the scheme is for participants to gain a good working knowledge of awareness and understanding of their legal responsibilities. It is also designed to improve the knowledge surrounding moral and social responsibilities regarding the health, safety and welfare on construction sites.

Proves Health and Safety Competency

The qualification is designed for site managers, assistant managers and site foremen who will be involved in organising, monitoring, planning, controlling and administering groups of staff and entire workforces. The scheme covers all relevant legislation including working in a safe environment while on a construction site. Objectives include a need for risk assessment within the workplace as well as a need to implement the necessary controls along with adequate communication to allow a positive health and safety culture amongst the workforce. At the end of the training, participants will be competent  in all health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation which affects them during their normal working duties.

Provides Career Benefits

Not only is the SMSTS a fundamental requirement for many job applications, it also provides an excellent foundation for progression onto other courses and qualifications. The SMSTS is a recognised and beneficial certificate. It’s a must for those construction companies out there who are finding it difficult to meet the ever increasing demand for health and safety compliance. The certificate is increasingly becoming the yardstick by which the construction industry is measured. Delegates who successfully gain a Site Managers Safety Training Scheme certificate would be a welcome addition to any construction company. An individual with a SMSTS certificate can really make a difference to any company.

It is a Highly Recognised Qualification

The building industry has been inundated with new legislation in recent years. It has become a necessary requirement within the construction industry that any supervisory or managerial role must be able to show a competent manner regarding matters of health and safety. It has become an essential necessity to gain an SMSTS certificate to improve the career options of the present day supervisor or manager. The Site Managers Safety Training Scheme health and safety certificate is one of the most highly regarded certificates within the construction industry and is recognised throughout the United Kingdom as it proves that the individual meets the required standard of competency to operate any construction site.

Reduction in work related injuries

The time taken to employ the correct people to carry out specific tasks on a construction site is enormous. Therefore, the last thing a site manager needs is workforce injuries to slow down progress and even put a stop to some jobs resulting in missed deadlines. When a site manager is in possession of an SMSTS certificate it makes it possible to alleviate some of the work related injuries. Reductions in work related injuries provides a business with a positive edge as it will put the business in a stronger financial position. The replacement of injured tradesmen and labourers can be very expensive for the company.